Deconstructionism in architecture, also called deconstruction, is characterised by ideas of fragmentation, an interest in manipulating
ideas of a structure’s surface or skin, non-rectilinear shapes which serve to distort and dislocate some of the elements of architecture. The finished visual appearance of buildings that exhibit the many deconstructivist “styles” is characterised by a stimulating unpredictability and a controlled chaos.
The architect, Helmut Jahn, has been producing such inspired work throughout the world for decades. The Illinois State Building in Chicago, USA mirror this stimulating unpredictability and a controlled chaos in the city it is located in. The complex is built to create an effect of light weight,
transparency and bright light to the outside world. The intention of this work is to “reconstruct” the energy and brillance of Helmut Jahn’s conception.

I have photographed this site years ago and printed this work at The School of the Art Institute in the late 90’s and want to return to this. I love the idea of reconstructing this visual puzzle.

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