Two new works in the ‘Urban Jungle’ series

It seems that I am working in groups of two with this series. So I want to share a bit between the most recent works of ‘Agra’ and ‘Moscow’. After looking through the overall series, there were only one other work that had a dark background (Paris). Through necessity with the work of ‘Agra’ a darker background was best suited. Please have a view of the current series in the ‘Urban Jungle’ page.

I originally had a series of cream spatters prominent in the work with a burnt sienna background, but it was just too busy. So after a few layers of darkening with an umber and black, it was a tone down of the background to prevent a visual fight for dominance with the image element of the plant. I am not completely sold on it at the moment, and may return to it later.

This was also the case with the work of ‘Moscow’, although not so much with the splattering technique. I did lose some of the circular elements applied with the airbrush earlier in the process, but much more excited with this work.

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