“New York’ process shots from Urban Jungle series

Here are some insights and vantage points to the process to the work “New York” in the Urban Jungle series.

At the start, the image element of the plant and graffiti were designed and developed in Adobe Photoshop. It was then printed onto a 44″ x 34″ canvas, and then a few coats of varnish were applied to the image. I then used a clear mask (clear low-tack sticker) to cover and protect the image element with the mixed media stage.

As you can see above, I first applied a red acrylic paint surface to the canvas. I then added an ochre over the red with a stiff bristle brush and then splattered water to later remove more of the ochre to reveal the red below.

In the next stage, I then moved to the airbrush to apply a range of stencilling elements throughout the work to start to build a sense of depth and structure to the work.

I then applied another layer of blue over everything. As you can see in the first image with the introduction of blue, while the acrylic paint is still wet I splatter water droplets onto the canvas. The water droplets prevents the paint from adhering to the canvas and as the surrounding paint dries, you are able to lift off the paint to reveal the layers below.

The last stage is to apply a bit more of the similar stencil effects with the airbrush onto specific areas to further emphasis and direction to the work.

I hope you enjoy the work as much as I have enjoyed making it. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to share!