Play + Inspire / On-line Exhibition

I am proud to announce my participation to the exhibition “Catharsis” / January 22, 2021 – March 19, 2021

The prompt for this juried exhibition was “How are you seeing change, coping with change, and being a change-maker?” Artists responded to this prompt and our juror, Chloe Alexander, used it as a starting point for selection of work. Below is her statement about the exhibition.

2020 was a tumultuous year, and while every new year brings about hope for change and progress, time remains relative. The world remains in the throes of a global pandemic, and many of us will continue to encounter unexpected challenges, setbacks, and general life-related happenstances as the new year progresses.

However, how do we, as artists, perceive and respond to change? The answer manifests itself in a variety of ways, be it through exploration of self, the environment, a more empathetic perception of others, or process- all of which often arise during moments of catharsis. This body of selected work explores the idea of change through the lens of individuals who work in a variety of media to realize not only what is, but what was, what is yet to come, and what is possible.

– Guest Curator, Chloe Alexander

This exhibition space shares contemporary art to both highlight emerging and mid-career artists and inspire teachers and young people. We pair work with videos and lesson plans, making exhibits accessible as teaching tools.

Here is the direct link to my artist page:

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