New series of work

As people use technology and the internet within their daily lives, it is now becoming more common to save these experiences and information to cloud storage. Cloud storage, or more commonly called ‘the cloud’, is an off-site, server space located all over the world that holds content for people. In an instant, this content can be recalled conveniently like a reliable memory. 

As more time is invested in being connected to the world wide web, these virtual experiences and memories also occupy space within the cloud. The line between these real and virtual experiences starts to blur over time and become indistinguishable.

From the impact that humanity has had on the environment, common sights and experiences may not be possible in the future. A record of these places and things will be even more important to remember and work to be preserved. Over time, artificial experiences will begin to take the place of genuine experiences. This series identifies the cloud as a tangible location and unpacks some of the scenes stored within this space, both genuine and artificial.

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