Born in 1973 in Chicago, USA

Lives and works in Singapore

Matthew Laurence (mrlaurence), born in 1973 in Chicago, USA, is a contemporary artist working and residing in Singapore. Laurence is trained in fine art and art education, having graduated with a BFA at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. His artistic practice and the formalistic qualities within his work reflect a metamodernism sensibility. He examines contemporary concepts and techniques using the photographic image as the source and further incorporating various media such as painting, drawing, graphic design, airbrush, and printmaking.

He is best known for his work on canvas intertwining photographic visual imagery with various mixed media techniques that examine the human condition and the impact of the human footprint on various ecosystems. Through this strong visual language anchored within a conceptual foundation; concepts of surrealism, wistfulness, and old verses new are reoccurring themes found in his work.

With over 20 years in the field of art and art education while living in North America, Europe, and Asia has provided Laurence with a deep visual vocabulary to support this work. The American artist has participated in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Singapore and features in national and international collections.

Selected Exhibitions / Events:

2022, Extinction: Save the planet / (Group Show) Gallerium, Canada

2021, Botanical Art & Illustration / Juried Exhibition Las Laguna Art Gallery, USA

2021, Digital, Collage or Assemblage / Juried Exhibition Las Laguna Art Gallery, USA

2021, ALL Animals competition / 1st place / Contemporary Art Gallery, USA

2021, Catharsis / Juried Exhibition Play + Inspire Art Gallery, USA

2021, Homewood ARTS Council / (Group Show), USA

2021, Exhibizone / (Group Show) Biafarin, CANADA

2019, About Balance Gallery / (Group Show), UK

2008, Fringe Benefits Gallery / (Group Show), Singapore

2007, Singapore Art Museum / (Group Show), Singapore

2006, Beyond Boundaries / (Solo Show), USA

2004, Gallery 37 / (Group Show), USA

2003, Memoirs of the Millennium / (Solo Show), USA

2003, Vogt Art Gallery / (Group Show), USA

2003, Robert F. DeCaprio Art Gallery / (Group Show), USA

2002, Subterranean / (Solo Show), USA

2001, Lucky Star / (Solo Show), USA


2021, Artistonish Magazine / May Issue / Biafarin media holding, CANADA

2021, Third State Art / Quaranzine Volume III, Chicago, Ill., USA

2009, UAMO Festival / Perforation / Munich, DE