As a teacher and interacting with children throughout the day, my thoughts continued to migrate towards them and to the perspective of the future for them. I then started to wonder if we as a global community, the caretakers of this habitat, are endowing the future generations a productive sustainable environment to live in.

I suppose the response to this inquiry can produce both negative and positive attributes that the youth of today can continue to uphold, or try to find solutions to. Global warming from deforestation and emissions from power plants, cars, and airplanes is already having effects on the planet through more frequent extreme weather, disappearing glaciers, and loss of animal ecosystems. A raised awareness to these issues has started the tides of change from renewable energy sources and to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Advancements in technology and genetics also have opened many new possibilities and issues to be addressed by future generations.

I chose to produce a series of paintings that addresses these issues to the sustainability, evolution, and integration of the global community to our living environment. I wonder what habits and life styles the youth will embrace in the future as they look upon the actions we take today.

In 2010, there was an additional two works created for the series.

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